Volunteering takes on  a new and deeper meaning when it involves what our Spiritual Director calls our "spiritual home".

Acting upon the Buddha's words with proper motivation is known as Dharma service. This kind of activity stretches us beyond mundane, typically more self-centered actions and shifts our thinking to consider how benefiting others, particularly in a long-term way, will in turn benefit ourselves.

Volunteer for Gaden Samten Ling

Dharma service is an opportunity to practice Buddhism's Great Perfections - which include joyous effort, patience and giving --- and, in fact, is believed to clear negative thoughts which obstruct the mind from gaining greater realizations.

"If there is something heavy to lift up you cannot lift it alone.  But with with many hands it becomes very easy to lift it.  Similarly, to run the Dharma centre." [Our Spiritual Director, Kushok Lobsang Dhamchöe]

Dharma service is heavily encouraged, as Gaden Samten Ling would not survive without its dedicated volunteers.  There are always tasks and projects to complete at the center to facilitate the day-to-day-operations and growth of our organization. This includes such things as:

  • routine house keeping of the centre,
  • yard work,
  • small maintenance projects,
  • binging homemade goodies to share after a class,
  • distributing posters,
  • help with special events, such as our annual autumn Tibetan Bazaar,
  • photocopying,
  • contributing ideas to the board or committees

Everyone is welcome to  come to Board meetings to find out more about volunteering for upcoming events.  Volunteers are always welcome, needed, and appreciated!